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** How do you evaluate skill level of BBO players? **

Our skill system is based on BBO score. Every time you make request we keep data and through the time skill level and rating will be more accurate.

** What if I play only a few boards and make a really good score? **

We will calculate your skill and rating anyway, but if you played less than 1000 boards last month you'll get a notice about provisional rating.

** So, if I play with beginners and make good score, I'll be ranked as World Class? **

Not really. We make adjustment for every single hand you played depending on your partner's and opponents' skill. Playing with bad players just to make good score won't help you to improve your rating.

** But how do you calculate it? **

There is simple scale which tells your skill level depending on your overall score, with adjustments based on strength of your partner and opponents.

** What about matchpoints? **

We convert any type of score into some point system. It doesn't really matter if you play MP, IMP or anything else.

** What about GIB hands? **

GIB hands are included in calculation at the moment. We are searching for a good solution.

** Skill level: VIP? **

We are trying to build a list of "protected" players. The reason for this is that they usually play with friends and sometimes their scores are negative, which is normal if they play only against other professional and strong players. So, VIP level is impossible to reach without our help and it's the highest level in our system.

** What is "Score without adjustment"? **

Score without correction is simply average IMP score (or MP converted to IMP).

** And "Adjustment" is...? ** a factor based on your partner's/opponents' strength. Positive adjustment means that your partners were weaker players than your opponents and vice versa.
This factor is not so big at the moment, but as our database grows, factor will be more important and accurate.

** What about rating? **

Rating is calculated with this formula:
rating=1300*tanh(2*total score/3)+1600

Less than 650 Novice
650 - 1100 Beginner
1100 - 1600 Intermediate
1600 - 2100 Advanced
2100 - 2550 Expert
2550+ World Class

*Values in table are rounded

** Why is it so slow sometimes? **

System uses BBO's MyHands service which holds really huge amount of data. Sometimes it takes several seconds to respond.

** When I write my name it says:"No data found". **

You haven't played last month and we don't have you in our database from the past time. If that's not the case, please report it from our contact page.